Is your expensive, limited, outdated or failing telecommunications system giving you a massive headache?

Elevate your communications to a whole new level!

Abacus Elevate: A Unified Communications Solution

Do business how you want and where you want.

Elevate is a cost effective, comprehensive unified communications solution that will revolutionize your business. Now is the time to escape that legacy phone system offering you nothing but daily headaches. Be more mobile, more secure, and more productive using a system that was built from the ground up for reliability and flexibility. Elevate is easy to install and manage, and will scale as your business grows allowing you to add or remove users with ease. It is a great fit for businesses both small and large with 2 to 200 hundred or more users. It is possible to have both cost savings and state of the art communications with Elevate today!


No compromises

Have your cake and eat it too, with ELEVATE

Affordable per user monthly pricing. Extensive desk phone options. SPAM call blocking. Voicemail Transcription. Desktop and mobile apps. SMS messaging. World class reliability.

Elevate leaves traditional phone systems in the dust

Don't let your competition leave you in the dust too

Lower Cost

Flat monthly per user rates include unlimited local and long distance calling, 2GB of cloud file storage, video conferencing, as well as 90+ enterprise grade calling features you will love.

Best in Class Reliability

Business professionals demand the best for their communications. Elevate is guaranteed by an incredible 99.999% up-time Service Level Agreement that crushes the competition.

Business Continuity

Worried about that pending storm? With up to 5 endpoints per user, you will not miss a single call wherever you are. Desk phones, computers and mobile phones work together seamlessly.

90+ Enterprise Features

Each user receives their own DID phone number, WebFax service, Voicemail, Desktop and Mobile Apps, Online Meeting Service, 2GB File Sharing service and much more!

Collaboration Extras

More than just a voice over IP phone service, Elevate includes video conferencing, and file sharing enabling seamless interaction between mobile and on-site employees.

Simple Management

Centralized management of all locations, Web managed Auto Attendant, and easy configuration of users and phones make adding or removing users a breeze!

Go Mobile and Disaster-proof your communications

You can't afford to have your business shut down every time the power fails. The Elevate app enables each of your users to work on the move, or leverage their data connection during a power failure that disables the local network.

Voicemail management, call routing and more can all be configured directly on the smart phone.

No more placing a call from your mobile and being forced to reveal your mobile number to people you would rather not give it too. Originate your work calls from your work number and retain your mobile privacy.

Wrapping a call but you need to hit the road for a meeting immediately? Call flip can easily and silently swap your call to your mobile so you can be on your way and finish the call on the road.



Elevate is a Phone System. On Steroids.

UCaas, VoIP--These terms may seem overly technical to the end-user. But don't let that hold you back. UCaaS stands for 'Unified Communications as a Service' and all it means is that the Elevate solution handles the majority of your business communications using the Internet connection you already pay for. Elevate can be used with or without traditional desk phones, or both if you prefer. Imagine desk phones with instant messaging, video conferencing, collaboration tools and more.

We would be happy to tell you in person how Elevate will most effectively help your business. With just one quick call or email you can get started!

Believe it. You want to hear more.

Elevate transforms the way in which your business communicates, and works beautifully for users of all skill levels. Basic users are still able to operate a desk phone in a traditional manner, while advanced users will revel at the  variety of next-level productivity boosting features. Business owners will love the happier staff and cost savings. Contact us today and speak with a consultant, get a quote, or get more info about the amazing Elevate unified communication solution.