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IT Support and Services for the New Jersey and New York Metro Area

It is difficult for a small or mid-sized business to be proactive about properly maintaining technology. Advance planning is often sidelined by endless interruptions and distractions. As a business becomes busier, less and less focus is given to the chores of managing and securing systems. The result is out of date software, and neglected, missing, or out of date security software. It is often during these times when disaster strikes.

Abacus Consulting will implement and manage layers of protections for your network and will free your staff to focus on your core business tasks. We will assist in developing a smart technology implementation plan that will scale with your small business as it grows, so that some day it will no longer be considered a small business.

Do it Once, Do it Right!

If technology is fundamental to your business, you cannot afford to ignore small problems that will eventually evolve into time consuming and expensive problems. 60% of small companies go out of business within six months  of being victimized by a cyber attack or data breach.

We will design a managed service plan that is a perfect fit for your business, and will give you the confidence of knowing you have done your best to prepare for the worst.

Layered Security

We implement multiple layers of security minimizing your chance of an intrusion, costly malware infection, or crippling ransomware attack.

Patch Management

Patch Management ensures all computers in the organization are protected against exploitable security holes that would leave them vulnerable to attack.

Redundant Backup

Redundant backup and disaster recovery strategies store business critical data on premise AND in the cloud enabling rapid recovery and business continuity.

Systems Monitoring

We proactively monitor desktops, servers and network infrastructure to prevent failed or failing systems from adversely affecting staff productivity.